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  1. looking to get people to do the SOG DLC Coop missions
  2. until
  3. until

    Am sure you muppets just want to hunt me down espicailly after hog and rabbit made sure that hunters get a very very unfair advantage.
  4. until
    a few missions because I forgot to make the 40k op so making missions for people to have bit of fun using OUR mods from 3sync mission 1 Bush Wookie hunt. mission 2 hunt MD. mission 3 if people are about could do somthing else or replay one of the others
  5. until
  6. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f-v4oBet1WPcyoun4xiF5L3wa-JW25oGPBNy4JALXR0/edit if you have friends who want to join send them this link
  7. Pte McPherson

    Mission tests

    Continuing on the mission test for missions 5,6,7.
  8. Ill take pilot or commander if its liberation.
  9. Pte McPherson

    RLC test

    RLC will be putting on a test to try and narrow down what is causing the fps drops, this will include multiple missions to test . 1. Mission scripts to ensure we are not lagging server out with the scripts we use. 2. Equipment used by people are not lagging out the server . 3. Mods that we have are not lagging people out. these missions will be 20 mins each and will be high intensity so once in just get ready to fight. I would also like to remind people the more people we get the more information we have which can help both RLC in mission making as well as 3LSR to see if any major errors are coming off any of the mods.
  10. Pte McPherson

    Mission test

    Need bods to fill out roles to see how well some of the test missions work just so we can get the best FPS we can.
  11. until
  12. until
  13. so much for social distancing
  14. https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintInterestingFoxGivePLZ
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