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  1. Pte McPherson

    Mission test

    Need bods to fill out roles to see how well some of the test missions work just so we can get the best FPS we can.
  2. until
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  4. so much for social distancing
  5. https://clips.twitch.tv/FaintInterestingFoxGivePLZ
  6. until
    The Argentinians are moving convoys from the airfield to the docks, from what our Chilean friends have told us the use 3 route to move their equipment through and to the docks. Your job is to stop a total of 2 convoys, we have heard that there is a total of 4 convoys moving from the airfield to the docks. Be aware after you engage the first convoy they will most likely call in backup or the airfield will send out a scouting party to see what happened to their convoy after that if they find a destroyed convoy they will start to reinforce their convoys with more and more armoured units and more men. Once you have destroyed the convoys you are to contact your pilot and get an extract back to friendly borders. 17 Slots
  7. SAS with the help of HMS Glamorgan conduct a raid on the Argentina forces on pebble island in the attempt to destroy the Argentina planes while they are still on the ground. 16 slots available NO RESPAWN! main objective is to Destroy all aircraft that are at the airfield secondary objectives Destroy enemy barracks and radar station
  8. Pte McPherson


    section will be going through requested training.
  9. why we set up a "snap ambush"
  10. until
    A New day a new way of earning money
  11. until
    chance to take section through 6 section battle drill.
  12. until
  13. until
    The campaign continues.
  14. until
    we try this one more time
  15. until
    the campaign continues.
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