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  1. 4/1 and Salvo's position atop a hill Love the spent casings all around us.
  2. Pte Stevens

    HR - Day 2

    1 Platoon Standing by for instruction
  3. 4/1's very active position from tonight
  4. I think that was 2nd phase line, after FSG got wiped by a BMP and a BTR, we hit the BMP with AT. It was a very kinetic op 🤣
  5. Me, Hogg and Liberts we're about 40ish meters away from that any closer and we'd have been kaput as well 😂
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/SoftTenuousOcelotKappaRoss I fucking hate MD, yes that's me singing in the background
  7. Thank Christ I just shot your corpse then. Let's call it a mercy killing
  8. After watching back my recording I may or may not have shot Jackson our medic ...
  9. Awesome boss, I'll see if my Great Grandfather's reg is on there to wear for him.
  10. Was a good watch mate never played xcom myself but it looks entertaining going to be streaming outlast 2 tonight looking forward to shitting myself like
  11. Tac HQ/FST encountered EKIA wearing East European SF uniforms again using gen 3 NVG's however unable to provide photographic evidence.
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