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  1. Some cracking memories in here gents. ArmA2 was a beast to keep stable as Knudsen pointed out but it really was worth it. Still miss those old 1/3 days with the drunken illegal baker Buliga and the gang. Anyone remember the disappearing act of LCpl Sanders?
  2. That RPG at 10:20 was fucking mental. Good to see the rounds going out fast!
  3. I believe there is also a stream friendly setting that hides server chat and information?
  4. I have seen, on two separate occasions, Flight land of IED's. It is always hilarious unfortunate.
  5. Well fuck. Now we have daisy chained IED's. See you in heaven gents!
  6. Taylor


    It did not enjoy my GPMG in its face.
  7. Taylor


    My dick is harder than a tank obviously....
  8. Taylor


    That first video is me taking a rocket to the dick. How I survived only T3 is beyond me.
  9. Taylor

    Maladoost IV

    No footage of the Dog interigation. Probably a good thing. CHICKEN!
  10. Werewolf where I was running as E/0/A for a night was babypunching/Shotgun ND towards 3 Section evening. To be fair, Aposky and Deaders have a terrible influence on me
  11. Unlikely, the only time I get in camera is when I'm A) Getting shot the shit up and screaming or B) Doing something daft forgetting he's recording.
  12. I have to say, I will greatly miss these from 3 Secs point of view. Bloody fantastic stuff.
  13. I'm very glad it was a quieter night, action is all well and good but we need to have variation to keep things from getting boring. The patrol snap ambush was a surprise but we just pushed straight through *What i believe was the best thing to do apologies for not using LRR properly* But the actual patrolling, chatting, checking arcs, calling Baker a penis, We need this at times just to get some real variation and keep things as fun as they are.
  14. Bloody good work, Really like the change of pace from action and gunfights to a kinda 'Nam-esc music over the birds.
  15. Taylor

    Zombie time

    Best finish ever "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"
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