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  1. Hey welcome please don't fire any javelins when Im near
  2. Pte Rabbit


    1/1s assault onto compounds 12 & 13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ndUmshLq-g
  3. 1/1's engagement from compounds 16 & 14 followed by a breach and clear on compound 14 Sorry its a bit laggie in some places still getting use to obs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy4GAkmKL8s
  4. Pte Rabbit


    Thanks gonna be doing a lot more recording.
  5. Pte Rabbit


    1/1 Fire Fight at the end of the op http://youtu.be/pA4Ip8MBvm8
  6. At lest until the winter but working on that so I should be fine I have more time than i used to though.
  7. Want to get back into arma with a fresh start with the 16aa really enjoyed being apart the first time round and was so annoyed that I had to retire and sort the farm out. When i got things working with out me there was now question on where to go to rejoin.
  8. Member name: Rabbit Application to: 16 Air Assault Brigade PERSONAL DETAILS: [table] Real nameDate of birthLocationNationality Josh RabbitDecember 1995United KingdomBritish[/table] CONFIRM THAT YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING JOINING REQUIREMENTS: I own ArmA3 I own a Microphone I am 18 years of age or older I can meet the 16AA's requirement about no dual clanning I can attend a 3-hour operation every Wednesday and Sunday from 1900 Zulu (in summer) / 2000 Zulu (in winter) I will respond to posts on the forums in a timely fashion I will let the group know when I cannot make scheduled events and post LOAs in a timely fashion I wish to be a contributing and valuable member of this group GAMING AND EXPERIENCE: GAMING AND REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE: In Game I started to play arma when arma 2 came out I started to play on multiplayer games allot such as domination, insurgency, TvT. But this did not satisfy what I was looking for in arma and I stared to play some of my own missions with my friends I was making missions and playing the with my friends for about 2 years. Before I decided that it still was not what I looking for so I started to look for a clan to settle in I did fined a clan and I fitted really well. I achieved the rank of Corporal and had my own section to look after but like all good thinks they must come to an end and shortly after the release of arma 3 the clan disbanded. In real life I am a farmer I have my own farm which is a change of its own but i do miss arma a lot and have been working on the making the farm to work with out me around all of the time. PREVIOUS GROUPS: 16AA - had to retire due to farm issues 40 commando - disbanded REASON FOR APPLYING: I have manigde to get the farm in to a place where i do not have to be around all of the time and want to come back WERE YOU REFERRED TO US: Youtube
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