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Found 59 results

  1. A Coy will continue its northwards assault to defeat enemy resistance in the area. Orders to follow.
  2. B Coy has gained a foothold on the town of LA TRINITE. We will continue to clear the town while 4/1 engage targets on the airfield and on the ridge to the NE to prevent the enemy reinforcing the area. One last push should finish them off.
  3. OPERATION ORDER TO: A COY 2 PARA BN FROM: MILLAR, LT, A/OC A COY 2 PARA SUBJECT: Operation CALLISTO IV 201900ZSEP17 ++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++ I. PRELIMS Time: 0430L Weather: Clear Current Pos: Chapoi GR058035 TASK Org: 10A - Sgt Macdonald 20A - 2Lt Dennett 40B - SSgt Kirwan II. GROUND In General: Our objective is the DENTS DU MIDI RIDGE. The ridge is steep sided and rocky and dominates the centre of MALDEN. We will be approaching from the town of Chapoi following ROCKY RIDGE up to the DENTS DU MIDI CHAPEL then northwest along the ridge. The ridge provides many places for the enemy to engage from cover. III. SITUATION A and B Coy have secured all the low ground on our left. Patrols Coy have secured the town and port facilities of Le Port on our right. The town of Chapoi has been cleared and we must push onto the high ground in order to dominate the centre of the island. ENEMY FORCES: Known and Assessed Enemy Positions: J2 to follow but anticipate numerous positions, defending in depth all along the ridge. Strength: Enemy presence in AO is assessed to be company strength plus. Morale: High. Small arms: Mixture of Western and Eastern Bloc weapons up to 0.50 cal. Hvy Weapons: US and Rus manufactured recoilless rifles. IDF - Rus manufactured IDF ranging from 60mm to 155mm. Vehicles: Rus manufactured mid-80’s era armour and fighting vehicles. Aircraft: Mi-17 Transport/Utility and Su-25 Ground Attack aircraft. Poss sighting of advanced Russian airframes. Any further sightings to be reported ASAP and if possible images captured as this is not an aircraft in use with SAF. Air Threat: High - 9K38 3rd Generation MANPAD. Fixed and mobile AAA and SAM systems. Mine Threat: High. Be aware of the threat. Use your eyes to check your ground. 5 and 20 rule applies. FRIENDLY FORCES C coy + Atts A + B Coy on our left flank HMS ARGYLL for NGS Flight assets from HMS QE II. 2UP Comd Intent: To retake Malden Island from illegally occupying SA Forces. 1UP Comd Intent To secure our foothold on Malden with the intent of pushing north. IV. MISSION We will assault and capture the Dents du Midi Ridge. V. EXECUTION PHASE 1 B Coy has cleared Chapoi and has established our start line at the factory at GR 058035. We will move from our current location to the start line where we will hold for the order to attack. OOM 1, TAC then 2. SP will move their vehicles forward taking up positions to put suppressing fires onto the ridge while reducing exposure to enemy fire. Hold fire until ordered but pass any sightings to 0A and Witchcraft 7/1 for targeting. All data to be sync’d regularly. 40B is to establish CAP on the start line and ensure plentiful ammunition supplies (in bergans) are stockpiled ready to move forward. Actions on: Action on contact during the approach. REEF drills then await QBOs. PHASE 2 Under covering fires from SP, B Coy and NGS from HMS ARGYLL, 1 Platoon will lead off the start line and advance to contact on ROCKY RIDGE with TAC trailing. 2 Platoon are to hold on the start line until ordered forward. Once 1 Platoon has established contact with the enemy we will begin fighting through enemy positions. 1 Platoon will advance to PL YELLOW and dig in allowing 2 Platoon to pass through and continue the fight heading for PL BLUE at where the platoons will swap over again. 2 Platoon are to carry 2 x 5.56mm bergans and 1 x grenade bergan to PL YELLOW to allow 1 Platoon to resupply. 1 Platoon will return the favour on PL BLUE at the Dents du Midi chapel GR 062047. 40B to liaise with 10B and 20B to move ammunition up the ridge. When the Coy reaches PL BLUE, SP are to move forward with dismounted GPMGs and 81mm mortars, and establish overwatch for the remainder of the attack. 40B will liaise with 41A regarding ammunition. PHASE 3 We will continue through PLs BLACK, RED and GREEN until we capture HP 523 GR 055062 where the Coy will dig in on the reverse slope with 1 on the right and 2 on the left. Both platoons are to establish OPs covering our front towards the town of ARUDY. VI. ROE CARD BRAVO VII. CO-ORD INSTRUCTIONS These are some seriously steep slopes. I would recommend platoons do not attempt to fight up these wearing bergans. 40B to ensure sufficient supplies are available at the start line then moved forward to the PLs as necessary. Listen in to Coy net for Platoon sitreps for your cue to move forward. Witchcraft 7/1 is to liaise with HMS ARGYLL to begin preparatory fires on the lower ridge and likely enemy observer positions further along the ridge. MSP are to establish firing positions at sufficient range to protect themselves from enemy small arms and RPG fire. Flight are to establish CAP and are authorised to begin UAV operations over the AO to detect any enemy FOO or IDF positions which are to be countered with NGS from HMS ARGYLL. Flight priorities are: CASEVAC/REINSERT CAP CAS ISTARS VIII. CSS i. Dress: CEFO, MTP and PPE. ii. Equipment: As per SOP ii. Weapons: As per SOP. iv. Ammo: As per SOP. v. Meds/CMT: As per SOP. vi. POW & Detainees: Report to 0B. IX. COMMAND AND SIGNAL i. Command: Lt Millar (0A), 2Lt Dennett (20A). ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels; 1 Pltn Net Channel 1, 2 Platoon net Channel 2, Coy net Channel 3, Log Net Channel 4, Fires Net Channel 5, Flight net Channel 6. iii. Challenge/Response: ROMEO ALPHA - INDIA NOVEMBER iv. R&U: Ptn ICs
  4. From: Commander UK Armed Forces To: Commander UK Task Force Callisto Subject: COMPANY WARNING ORDER (WARNO) OPERATION CALLISTO II Priority: FLASH/CRITIC DTG: 131900ZSEP17 Classification: TOP SECRET UK EYES ONLY ++++++++++BEGINS+++++++++++ SITUATION Having successfully regained control of MORAY ISLAND, a new forward operating station is now available in the guise of RAF PEGASUS. Operations to LAND TROOPS ON MALDEN will now commence. 2 BN PARACHUTE REGIMENT will conduct AIR ASSAULT to SECURE KEY INFRASTRUCTURE in the south of MALDEN and REGAIN CONTROL of LA RIVIERE PORT. MISSION 2UP: UKF acting as part of TASK FORCE CALLISTO will take action to LIBERATE MALDEN from hostile occupying forces representing the PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF SAHRANI. 1UP: 2PARA will take immediate action to REGAIN CONTROL OF KEY INFRASTRUCTURE in SOUTH MALDEN. ORDERS: A Coy, 2 PARA will perform AIR ASSAULT to complete objectives: SECURE ENEMY HELD CROSSROADS (Grid 04890239) DISLODGE ENEMY PRESENCE from ST MARTIN HILL (Grid 04420277) SIEZE CONTROL OF ENEMY HELD PORT (Grid 036032) FRIENDLY FORCES A Coy 2n PARA 3 (F) Sqn Royal Air Force (Typhoon FGR4). 1 SQN JHC ENEMY FORCES: Known and Assessed Enemy Positions: Crossroads are believed to be lightly defended (approx. Plt strength). St Martin Hill believed to be heavily fortified in Coy strength. AA threat appears to be concentrated against direct attack on La Riviere harbour, but SLA forces are known to be able to deploy mobile AA weaponry. Strength:[/font]Enemy presence in AO is assessed to be company strength plus.Morale:High.Small arms:Mixture of Western and Eastern Bloc weapons up to 0.50 cal.Hvy Weapons:US and Rus manufactured recoilless rifles. Rus manufactured IDF ranging from 60mm to 155mm. Vehicles:Rus manufactured mid-80’s era armour. Mechanised infantry and armour have been observed several miles east of La Riviere.Aircraft:Mi-17 Transport/Utility and Su-24 Ground Attack aircraft.Air Threat:High - 9K38 3rd Generation MANPAD. Fixed and mobile AAA and SAM systems.Mine Threat:Unknown.GREEN FORCES: None. CIVPOP: Indigenous British population. TASKING [TBC as per J3] EXECUTION Phase 1: A Coy Air Assault Landing into HLS HADES 1/2; NGS to suppress Eny Obs and Fires from YANKEE and ZULU; Phase 2: 4/1 est Mortar posn and direct fire support teams; 4/4 est CAP; A/1 leads movement in defile to rock feature SW. Phase 3: A/2 makes rapid move (by Sctn, bounding) across open area and secures covering position in wooded defile. Phase 4: With A/2 in place A/1 makes rapid move across open area (by Sctn, bounding) and then re-orgs and pushes to secure covering position at rock feature; Phase 5: A/2 on orders moves around and takes up posn on left flank A/1. Phase 6: Direct Assault on ZULU. A/1 right, A/2 left. A/1 to provide reserve Sctn. Phase 7: Operations to reduce YANKEE; Phase 8: Coy Re-Org for attack on Eny AAA batt. SUPPORT & SERVICES [TBC as per J3] SATINT Crossroads St Martin Hill MAP DATA +++++++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++++
  5. NB: To help us avoid another server crash, please ensure you are running 64-bit ArmA and are using the correct modline: @cba_a3;@acre2;@ace;@acex;@16aa;@16aa_thirdparty;@overlord;@cup_terrains; @RHSAFRF; @RHSUSAF; (plus any optionals) A Coy continue their offensive operations against German forces entrenched in positions in and around the French town of Neauville. Company Orders to follow.
  6. A Coy will step briefly back to 1944 in order to take the role of elements of the 6th Airborne Division preparing for Operation OVERLORD. There will follow two intense training sessions focused on weapons, tactics and organisation of the British Airborne Forces, along with briefings on the target area, specific tasks and weapons, equipment and tactics of the German forces in Western Europe. The challenge of operating in darkness, behind enemy lines following a parachute descent will require the upmost professionalism in order to achieve A Coy's objectives as part of the largest invasion force the world has ever seen. At a date and time to be revealed; H-Hour, D-Day, we will drop from the sky to engage with and kill the enemy and open the door for the seaborne invasion forces.
  7. [email protected]_a3;@ace;@acex;@tfr;@cup_terrains;@16aa_a3;@16aa_opfor;@rhsafrf;@RHSUSAF;@bornholm;@PRKZ; A Coy continues operations from PB Churchill.
  8. [email protected]_A3;@ace;@TFR;@16AA_A3;@Maps;@DarkForest; Note: We're NOT running ALiVE. BATTALION WARNING ORDER TO: OC A Coy, Maj Hicks, R FROM: CO 2 PARA SUBJECT: OPERATION DARK FOREST PRIORITY: IMMEDIATE CLASSIFICATION: NATO/OTAN SECRET DTG: 301800ZJUL15 +++++++++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++++++ SITUATION Bn move to STAGING AREA confirmed early hours 310000ZJUL15. INTENT UK MAIN EFFORT to focus on delivery of HUMANITARIAN AID and maintenance of LAW AND ORDER in EASTERN SLOVAKIA.A Coy Area of Operations has been confirmed as North Eastern KO?ICE Province. FOB PRIBINA 026 055 previously occupied by DUTCH peacekeeping forces will be turned over to advance elements of your command (3 Platoon) NLT 021200LAUG15. Your main force rotary lift is scheduled later that day weather and capacity permitting. TASKING 1) A Coy will SECURE FOB PRIBINA and all NATO materiel on that location; 2) A Coy will co-ordinate with local SLOVAKIAN ARMY Units to ensure protected distribution of EU food aid; 3) A Coy will LOCATE, IDENTIFY and NEUTRALISE any armed elements operating outwith Slovakian and international law in accordance with ROE. Immediate tasking on arrival: a) Local Defence Plan and patrols; b) Rotary lift of GUNS and SUPPORT VEHICLES to replace those taken by departing Dutch forces; c) Meet local Slovakian Police Commander in JAKLOVCE Police Station; d) Co-ordinate with Slovak Army to escort ground convoy of 2-3 trucks carrying emergency food aid from EU Stockpile location to EU Distribution Centre in KELNOV; e) Other actions at your discretion. EXECUTION At your discretion. CO-ORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS H-Hour: 021900ZAUG15 Movement into AO will be via AAC rotary from staging areas in eastern AUSTRIA. ACKNOWLEDGE None Required. +++++++++++++++++++++++ends+++++++++++++++++++++++++ TO: A Coy FROM: Maj Hicks, R, OC SUBJECT: OPERATION DARK FOREST PRIORITY: IMMEDIATE CLASSIFICATION: NATO/OTAN SECRET DTG: 011500ZJUL15 +++++++++++++++++++++BEGINS++++++++++++++++++++ SITUATION A Coy now in place at STAGING AREA 3 Platoon conducting handover with elements Dutch 21 Bde at FOB PRIBINA. H-Hour for A Coy insert confirmed as 021900ZJUL15. TASKING Once all elements are in place FOB PRIBINA the following TASKING will apply: a) A/1: Local Defence Plan and patrols; b) Flight: Rotary lift of GUNS and SUPPORT VEHICLES to replace those taken by departing Dutch forces; c) A/2: (once vehicles available) Meet local Slovakian Police Commander in JAKLOVCE Police Station; d) A/2 + FSG: (once vehicles available) Co-ordinate with Slovak Army to escort ground convoy of 2-3 trucks carrying emergency food aid from EU Stockpile location to EU Distribution Centre in KELNOV; e) 7RHA: site guns, establish fire plan, link into LDP and conduct test-fires. f) Other actions at your discretion. +++++++++++++++++ENDS++++++++++++++
  9. FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO To: OC C Coy, 3RD BRIGADE 1ST CAVALRY DIVISION: THE 1ST BATTALION, 7TH CAVALRY REGIMENT From: Hicks, R, Maj Priority: IMMEDIATE DTG: 042000ZJAN15 SITUATION BRAVO Company perimeter FIREBASE PANDORA overrun in early hours by estimated Battalion sized NVA elements. Attempts by A Coy to conduct air assault to reinforce position unsuccessful due to heavy enemy resistance on LZ. Elements 227 Assault Helicopter Battalion tasked with ariel reconnaissance report enemy medical teams operating on battlefield and sporadic firing on location. intermittent radio contact has been made with unknown friendly troops reported to hold bunker complex to EAST of main position. Ariel reconnaissance further reports significant concentrations of enemy materiel and probable HQ location at village ENE FIREBASE PANDORA. ORDERS C Company will conduct air assault operation to SECURE FIREBASE PANDORA and DISRUPT enemy attempts to withdraw by striking at probable HQ location identified by reconnaissance. FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO+++++++FRAGO
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