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Home Rotation 1MAY2013


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Alright well here's what I recorded from this incident from 2/1 eyes of an infantryman xD


First shell hits around 07:10 or something and I love the "all of them" around 06:30 heh

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Casmen, what is that in top-left of your screen?


Finally found few minutes to do it, so few screens from Home Rotation:






(this one is totally random...)










Part two, when I get more time. Most likely at the end of this week.

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@Aposky that is the TS overlay not very useful for 16aa but it's there as a habit xD


@Scarle - if you are asking me I will tell you I have not activated anything which I wasn't told to activate...


And thanks to everyone who liked my recordings :)

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You are defo using jsrs 1.5 dude, I can here the over-enthusiastic cocking action when the gun is fired from the 1.5 update. You want to switch to JSRS 1.4 as 1.5 has bugs.

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