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I popped my counter-mobility cherry upon the operation, to sorta quote some people, and I think maybe ended with an BANG!


Now these are not screenshots. Just something I've created regarding the operation (created the sheet months ago though lol) and the are sorta large so just thumbnailed them, and linked to the complete sized image. I know lame huh. Also I'm sorry Mak. Sorta. Meh.






Theres an thread about an RLC detachment currently (not enough people would be willing think as well) although given the rank Sapper I would with cheer I reckon sit away from the action building some hescos, bridges or an minefield lol along with blowing shit up and continuing to act as infantry when needed. I also like the idea of doing something in one operation thats in evidence within later ones. Sorta OT that last para sorry.

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I was waiting for someone to comment on that. Well done Apos!


And 'tagnames'? You mean like people's names when I scan around? Because I use that on purpose.


You still can scan around for names only when you want to, not all the time. With nametag visible 90% time of your video, it ain't that pleased to watch.

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Right right. I usually do have it so that it only scans for names when I hit space, and a lot of the time while running around and looking for people I do hold down space. The nametags aren't that big so I don't see it as a huge problem, but thanks for the input I guess.

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