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Hmmm, so a question, do the majority of you guys prefer split-toned or non split-toned images? Split toning gives it a 'filmy' look, but at the expense of some of the colour.


Just taking off (I really like this one):








On the insert bird in, courtesy of Jackson:




A slight pause in the mayhem:




Finally been CASEVAC'd! (I was shot on a total of 5 separate occasions, but was left behind by the first two CASEVAC birds as I was carrying T1s back to the HLS):








Hones in our bunker with the 129:




Your answers to the split-toning question will affect my future screenshots!

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I saw no difference from the split tones to non-split tones.

May have looked abit brighter


The non-split-toned version of the first one looks better IMO. Didn't see a difference in the second one.


There's definitely quite a marked difference on my end, though that could be down to my monitor being a calibrated IPS panel and standard screens being quite blue already (not to mention my eyes being very picky). Think I agree with you on the first one though Balkau.


I only really thought about split-toning as some of Apos' shots look like they are, and they get a lot of good press around here :)

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lol hahahah Makinen you got great view upon Ege @ 20:00 then. I did not see that. And the "ahhh" as he "bails out" into the drink... Hilarious...
Yeah, poor bugged bastard.


I can officially apologise for this, i turned my head around and saw no-one in the back so gave myself the green light......all i can say is....Comedy Gold, loved watching it and still chuckle thinking about it!

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I took a look through my Centurian footage and this looks like it's the only op with footage worthy of uploading. Not because of the op content, but because was no where near anything when it happened... :c


Damn bullets...



Fun Fact: The radio calls that I make in this video are along the lines of "EVERYONE'S DEAD!" or something of the like. It also shows you my thought process when I come under fire at the end of the video.



First I destroy a mosque, now I destroy a farmhouse... I'm getting a bad reputation...

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And pictures!


A chinook comes in to land at the medical aid station at the airbase:



The chinook takes off again, and prepares to reinsert the recovered troops:



Kawalsky keeps a vigilant eye as night falls:



My favourite image of the operation. A company returns to the airbase after the mission:


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