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Op Centurion VI


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While the rest of the company stood there, firstly with WTF faces on..... then rolling around cracking up.


An excellent op for 1/1 in my opinion, quite a bit of trigger time and even though I can't see my scores I know at least one sneaky Russian went down under my LMG, although I kinda wished for a BF3 tag taking moment. :-)

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I'm still confused over what happened, i was standing there...It blew up....and i was still there.....


You think that's bad. My desync cleared up just in time for me to here a massive explosion and then I was on fire... :/

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Finally. After being ill for those past couple of weeks, I finally got around to rendering and uploading these damn things. The 1/3 perspective of the last Centurion OP.











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