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Home Rotation - June 2013


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Bradley and myself coming up with a viable system to resupply artillery batteries from air in the future. (Grass is only turned off because the marker panels aren't really visible from the ground through the grass, and those were the original purpose of the picture.)

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Dont you mean... PanorArmA?



Nice shots, though!

Who's that floating like a flower fairy in the second one?

I was going for that pun, but yours was much better :( I concede


I dunno their name, but it'd probably be someone from 2/2 methinks.





Through the power of technology, I've brought the wizard in the 2nd screenie back down to Earth.



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how do you do that :o Looks amazing

1. Leave your post covering east and put whole section in danger while you spin around and take screenies

2. Stitch together shots using the image processing tool in Pshop but do it terribly and cut off part of the mosque

3. ???

4. profit





Casmen the Hunchback of Notre Dam

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I really hope this is the right place for this... From the Home Rotation on 05 / 06 / 2013.


Emmet and Ellis speak to 1 Platoon before the exercises begin:



1 Section drives to a field to practice section level drills:



Delta peels past Charlie:



Members of 1 Section take a rest before heading to the final platoon sized exercise:



Members of 1 Section advcances to contact:



Ellis strikes a pose after the op:



And a picture that I want to use in a recruiting aid, as it were, but I can't think what to write on there. Ideas?


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From Operation Thermal (Training):


1 Platoon get some reinserts and support from the 112th Mechanised Brigade:



Wright watches down a street while Ege takes a rest:



Members of Delta fireteam, 1 Section provide overwatch as Charlie moves on:







And one I forgot to upload with the first batch for here:


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