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Operation Forseti I

Evans D

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Ege strikes a pose in the morning sun:



Members of Delta fireteam, 1 Section, keep overwatch on Charlie fireteam moving to another location:



1 Flight's Wildcat flies overhead:



A Chinook transports equipment around the AO:



The Wildcat comes in for one of the most interesting "landings" I've ever seen:



Delta takes up positions in their patrol base:



Ege stands outside the gate to the PB:



While on patrol, Johnsen sweeps for IEDs:



Thomas and John seek cover behind a rock and 1 Section observes a village:







And no operation would be complete without one of these, and I have 2 for your delectation because I can't decide between the two:




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Na, Imageshack is all new and cool now.


Know why it loads slower? Because it doesn't compress the shit out of your images. Imgur will even compress .jpgs you've converted by yourself.

I'm sorry, but that's simply not true. They may not compress the images but even 50x50 images take AGES to load on imageshack at times. It's not always the case but imageshack is most definitely the slowest image-hoster I know, even if you factor in compression.

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