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Operation Forseti IV


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7RHA preparing for the night



A few rounds are prepared



Ready to fire



Payn working out



Foxhound at the debrief


Footage (Still uploading, should be good by 2345Z)


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Emmet and Ellis discuss 1 Platoon's next move:



Kawalsky visually plans his movement:



The Fire Support Group pitches up next to 1 Platoon as they prepare for movement:



The platoon and FSG moves out:



1/3 (in front) and 1/1 (behind) start the platoon dart formation:



A Chinook comes in for CASEVAC:





And now 1 that I'm aware isn't my best, but damn it looked good when I was editing it and I can't be bothered to try it again just yet:



After I was CASEVAC'd for passing out and banging my head on a particularly hard rock, I was taken back to FOB Lawson. When I was there, I was given so much morphine that I could hear colours, I was breathing time, and I'm fairly certain that those 1 Flight guys did something to me...





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Done and done. Do tell if there's any issues with the videos. Really enjoyable op. Cut out the bit with the respawning bad guys so don't worry. :D

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Sorry to be an arse, maybe just doesn't show up within videos, however Kawalsky I do not see you turn the Vallon on within the video every time you get the thing out after the IED at 10:00?


WHAT... You have to turn that thing on? Why was I not told this? This was not necessary when I used it 8 months back. So this means that our section was misleadingly believing that they are safe behind me and I was risking my life for no reason.


You are not an arse Oliver and its very good you brought his out. Can you please tell me how I can turn this on.

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