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While you wait.


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Took these while we were waiting this evening; think they look rather fetching :D




<img src="http://www.keepandshare.com/userpics/s/i/t/y/e/2010-10/sb/arma1-67922884.jpg?ts=1286749287" border="0" alt="Image hosting by KeepandShare.com" />




<img src="http://www.keepandshare.com/userpics/s/i/t/y/e/2010-10/sb/arma2-18081741.jpg?ts=1286749289" border="0" alt="Image hosting by KeepandShare.com" />


hope you like!

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Fuchs those photos seem shopped to me.



I mean, some of them had trousers on. And looked almost ready for combat. One of them was even holding the rifle the right way round, clearly he's in charge. :P

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Took some screenshots in our last mission...

Don't ask me how we changed camo that quickly... Yes, we are THAT good!:P



LCPL.Harlow/2Sec with Delta fireteam (just look at his war face, he only needs a blank adapter to deal with enemies!)



Charlie fireteam while breaching a coumpound.

from left to right: PTE.Fuchs - PTE.Booth - PTE.Barnes (only helmet visible) - CPL.Riordan - PTE.Jeske - PTE.Avetian (the boot on the right side)


I also managed to take some shots of 1Sec. :P






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When I go over and had read all the post and seen pic. Awesome...some of that I don't if it is a game or what guysssss??


I'm not too sure if you are a spambot or not... if not, then you better get rid of your signature.



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