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Are we talking about the grass and bushes and whatnot during the sharpening? If yes... yeah... I know. I'm struggling to get it to a decent level, but I wanted to upload these ones before the next op and get it out of the way.


Just completely remove that effect. They're beautiful shots but are messed up by it, IMHO.

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That's all for the first mission of what looks like will be an exciting campaign. Some definitely harsh lessons learned on this one, and as written in the video description somewhere in there, these videos are a fantastic aid when reviewing my own performance (or lack thereof) in any given situation during the op. Thanks for the patience on both section- and platoon-level, and thank you Jako. Guess it's best to just learn by doing in a situation like this, for better and for worse. :P

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For the future, up your mic volume when recording. I'm barely able to hear your comms.


Also, some pretty strange artefacts when you're close up against trees, is that from the compression?


That's just compression, going from total dark (highly compressed) around sight to more data on the tree.

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