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A/LCpl Frederiksen

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Said Miniguns in action during the extraction party 16AA decided to throw for the enemy QRF




Even the rear gunner was getting some action



But then the flares started popping and there was a collective "oh fuck" inside the bird.




Excellent Op. Cheers Jako and Co

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I saw the entire firefight whilst me and rest of 1/1 (except Pte . Fred survived the explosion) were T1 / T2 , then the huge firefight , then Sgt. Ellis during the firefight kept me alive long enough for the next HLS/ CCP. When the chinook landed I saw the right (port side) with mini gun blazing on like it was a Movie with Ellis keeping me alive for the chopper which RTB and saved my life along with the rest of 1/1 . Cheers Ellis for saving my arse :). It felt like Black Hawk Down , 16 AA Style , wished someone recorded it LOL. I only became T2 because as CMT I was trying to save Withers before the Chinook suicided itself

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Area suppression weapons at their finest!


Pretty much.

Loads of tracers coming from trees -> Suppress treeline

Infantry ladden lorry charging your section danger close -> Unload full auto on vehicle and ridgeline

Section breaking contact in the face of heavy fire and tons of casualties all around us -> rapid fire everywhere


It's just that the breaking contact theme went on for a good 30 minutes straight.


And I thought I was doing well with 8! Unless you got a bazillion kills Fuchs that's just poor shooting ;-)

Meh, I only got three. Only had clear eyes on one of the buggers.

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Holy shit. I just realized I had videos that were uploaded but not finalized for release. A bit behind schedule, 1/3's OP Europa IX :P








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