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Europa X


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Horribly, horribly late, but I want to add mine to the pile.


Chinooks of 1 Flight arrive to collect reinserties:



1 Platoon's command element behind 1 Section:



Millar with his LMG:



An AT soldier of 1 Section (sorry, I can't remember who you are):



Anderson guides wounded 1 Section troops back to the fray:



And a lovely scenic shot as a Wildcat comes in to land:



I wont put my videos here this time, but check out my YouTube page my Europa playlist.

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I dont know about the grainy look (I assume it is grain, could be artifacts from the colour grading), Dave. While it gives the shots a unique feel to it and definitely looks interesting, it feels a bit off. Other than that, great shots, the last one is very vibrant.

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