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In all fairness, the sniper was the most viable option at the time to provide support from that range, and it did suppress the bastard although as i reloaded once, he sent out a stinger for Ugly 5-1 :(

If we had an M2 available at that time we would've grabbed that over the sniper, but also we didn't want to give away our pos, hence the silencer (even though we had javelins firing off)


@Blanthorn; I was giggling my ass off at your vid mate :P bloody hilarious!

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After a quite frankly embarrassing amount of time, I finally got off my arse and got these final videos done just in time for the next campaign. I'll be sure to sort my shit out properly for the start of Cromwell to get the footage out when it's still relevant. Regardless, hope you gents enjoy. Due to aforementioned tech issues, recordings of Wyvern IX don't exist.







Hmh, apparently it won't embed nowadays without a "video=youtube;youtube_url" tag added into the video code.

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