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Remembrance Sunday


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Some photo's taken down in my town today. Also a phone video of the parade we had on their way back.


Large images hidden by spoiler





Yes I did put the wreath back up, at the back on the right, so many people wouldn't reach over and spend 2 seconds putting it back up.. :\





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I turned up at sand well valley (for the Remembrance Parade) the vicker started talking at 11 when the cannon fired to start the 2 min silence, i was disgusted she didn't even pay attention to the time half on the people started to leave, i have been going to these for as long as i can remember and today i felt truely let down


EDIT: Lovely photos and video Taylor!

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When I went to do my Remembrance parade, I wasn't part of my squad, I was used as a marker for the squads for with the proper army guys. :L

So I was the only cadet between these Army guys to make sure our squads halted in the correct place.

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