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Covering off at PB Wessex*





2 Platoon Holding at T-junction to the North of PB as 2/2 moves in to clear the compound





Griffon landing with supplies(?) on HLS at PB Wessex





Doubling back to the PB for debrief



*Potts about to get a shower of hot brass down his spine if we take contact

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Scimitars aren't a CQB weapon ;)

Regarding us moving off before you lads (2 Pltn) we were ordered to provide security for MERT because no one was at the PB to defend them efficiently whilst they were treating casualties. We did want to hold behind and provide cover for you.

Oh and we didn't need to fire all that many shots, we were moving solid cover for the infantry to use to get to the casualties.

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Scimitars aren't a CQB weapon [...].


Don't take anything I said too seriously - when we're under fire I tend to get slightly more vocal regarding anything I disagree with. I was concerned that that road had not yet been swept for IEDs and we did not know whether the insurgents were anti-armour capable.

D Sqn proved its worth to me during that first op; I reckon we would have come off far worse from that firefight had you not, along with the Apache, thinned out the buggers' ranks earlier on in the op.

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