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Damn, thought someone else would have kicked this off, if only to show the beautiful Flak going off :D


Managed to record the OP without much trouble, apart from a mate who wouldn't stop messaging me on steam.




A nice ragdoll effect from a grenade around 0:35:35


It all seems to happen around 1:34:20

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Haha, nice ragdoll there! Did you run out of ammo at that time also, Hogg, since you didnt finish him?


The post-endex halftrack assault from 2:29:20 onwards was also fun to watch! Looking for a bit more hard cover there might've done you a favour or two, but yeah! : p

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@Johnsen, I have parts but I never stayed for the full OP, had serious problems with ACRE.


@Frederiksen, I think I had a few more bullets left, but had a bit of a WTF moment there myself haha, but since he didn't have a gun you see me shoot the guy behind him before taking cover.


The Halftrack part was fairly amusing just this ton of fire going onto that vehicle was amazing in it self, the noise as well haha. When I prepped the 82, I miss-clicked killing myself and possibly injured a few people.

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