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A3 Stress Test/WARLOCK III


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I also vote we add a midrange texture replacement pack as an optional, the bad textures really ruin my 'mersion (same as why we'd have ClearHorizons).














No .RPT errors, client-side, 1.2MB for the default replacements, ~9 if we dain to include replacements users can select based on preference. Seems pretty perfect to me. Tomorrow's update? :D



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Company briefing, Sgt Turnbull instructs troops how to move a crate.




D Sqn and 7RHZ discuss convoy order and route.




Convoy on the move! Map comes handy.




Battery is setting up for fire mission. Warrior at front provides security.




Crew takes a rest between FMs, enjoys sun and views.

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Uneven depth of field hurts my brain :(


I had literally less then 5 minutes at work to make these. I also need to find better graphic and SweetFX settings for ArmA 3 to get better RAW images. I'm not happy about contrast and colour ratio.

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Some of Flight night. Distortions are due to my usb-headset having a slight case of bent pin I believe. Havn't noticed it until now, so might be time to get a new one. :(


Inserting A/2






Taking the Uglies for a spin






Unexpected scramble





Entire playlist

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