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Home Rotation 2014-04-16


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Good thing real life physics don't apply to ArmA or you'd have chopped up most of 1Plt there Jonsson :P


Speaking of which, during that first drop I was batted out of the aircraft at 100MPH and smacked into the taxiway next to one of the Chinooks. Didn't take a scratch. Apparently I'm Superman.


(We don' NEED no steekin' parachutes!)

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Gents, I just uploaded 21 screenshots to Steam gallery.


Couple of the shots below, full gallery available in link above.










The last part from ground exercise to follow soon.


ps. Pardi nice video. Could we get version without music?


ps. 2 I'm getting question from time to time about my screenshots and use in other media like youtube. You are free to use, tweak and build upon them non-commercially, as long as you credit me as original author and licence new work under the identical terms.

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