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Themis I


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1 Platoon Convoy









2 Platoon leaving Rasman AF. Command in the ATC Tower.





I think that was possibly the biggest player convoy ArmA has seen? Incredibly impressive to watch from the skies and I have more images of it on request. 2 Platoon also did a great job with their patrols and VCP.

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clicky keys are evil keys. But that's a pretty decent vid Pardi :)


I know. It's a mix of a mechanical keyboard (never gonna give you up, never let you down) and a high-quality mic (mounted near the keyboard) rather than a headset.


But thank you. Cutting THEMIS II now.

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Those keyboard sounds are distracting to say the least. You may want to consider using a PTT recording program for just your mic input, then simply merge that with the rest of the sound later.


The first issue I can think of is proximity voice and radio sound being two different PTTs. It'd be nice if they could get Shadowplay to record different channels. Alas, variable frame-rate limits some of the options, I guess.

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I've certainly seen guides where people have set up more than one PTT along-side DxTory; even did it back in the day. Here's a link to the ACRE one: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?166733-Recording-Multiple-PTT-keys-using-Dxtory-%28ACRE-compatible%29


Should still be applicable.


Or, ya know, use a clip-on mic. Our voice codec quality in TS is too low to differentiate properly between high and low quality recording equipment anyway.

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