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Operation Brigandine II


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Just a few clips of video from my perspective. The Recruits were dropped off at the airbase firstly, then we went out in MWMIKs to try and find our respective platoons (our's was all 1 Platoon). We got hit by a lag spike, came back in and our vehicles were destroyed, one half of us dead. We then ran into the FSG with Cpl Scarle, who gave up his vehicle to get some of the Recruits/FSG back to the Airfield with Capt Emmet. I was initially worried about being left behind, but by god was I glad 10 seconds later when this happened: 




And that MWMIK never arrived at the airfield. RIP.


Cpl Scarle decided to withdraw back to the airfield and as we were moving by foot, a huge wave of enemy helicopters came in and one got shot down not far from our position. We stopped every now and again to let our machine-guns give them a good burst into the cockpit, but alas, it had little effect. 


Eventually we met up with Coy Command and the CSM with the Mortar bunnies. We heard through rumor that the other two platoons had been wiped off the face of the earth, with both Platoon Commanders dying on the radio. The warm and gentle CSM offered counseling but we had other things to think about, namely watching the mortars smash hill 91 to dust.




We later found out that two new Recruits who had got lost finding 2 Platoon (Recruits Lunn and Delenda), were literally 50m away from the hill and they were possibly killed by our fire, but more likley they were killed by the advancing Russian Mechanised column advancing towards our (now seemingly not very large) ditch.




As soon as the CSM was killed in-front of me and the medic called on us to leave the wounded and save ourselves, we began to retreat back. But it was not enough. The enemy were too quick to advance and the retreat was too panicky to get out fast enough. Shortly after I stopped recording on my head-cam, I took a 30mm shell to the back and I was never heard of again. Until I was brought back to life on the LHD, reunited with the majority of my Platoon and fellow recruits, and taken back to the ERV.


Good first op, looking forward to more.

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Nice videos. I'd strongly suggest you disable your sounds pack in Teamspeak by going into Bookmarks, clicking our server name, pressing 'More' then, using the bottom right drop-down, select 'Sounds deactivated'. Should leave you with a much more pleasant experience when you reconnect.

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