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This week's ferry flight.


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So here are some of the pics from my trip down to Durban from Johannesburg.

I took a good mate of mine Bruce who is a skydive aeroplane pilot (previously seen doing a dive past my wife when she did her tandem jump).


The machine I flew





Preflight paperwork





In the hover





Airborne off taxi way 35 after being cleared for the lift





My entertainment panel





Just after take off










Beautiful Scenery





More beautiful scenery





Waterfall we climbed over





Lots of muddy water along the Tugela river which we tracked to the coast.

Lots of rain lately.





The coastline I grew up on.





Over the water





Turning finals for runway 05 at Virginia, Durban





Where to now? I didn't know where the machine was supposed to be parked!



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Thanks for all the comments guys!

Barry yes we probably have the most infested Great White shark waters in the world but they mostly hang around the Cape point which is somewhat south of this coast line, about 1200 km from here.





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So today I took another machine for service but the yellow machine (ZS-RJL shown in my previous post in this thread) had been flown back by another pilot the other day.

So I needed to thumb a lift back with a mate of mine Mark on his way back to our home airport.


Before we got airborne, I heard a knocking sound during startup.

I was NOT happy but was told that it was normal on starting up that particular machine.


My response was, "What is that?!"


Here it is right at the end of the clip posted here.



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So I have subsequently found out that the knocking was actually the equipment they use in vehicle tracking in the back seat right next to me!

So had nothing to do with the helo itself! :D

What a relief!


Also the knocking sound went away once the rotor RPM was up because the helo wasn't wobbling as much and hence no knocking sound.

But the "swine" my mate Mark left me worried in the back.


I owe him one!

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Some pics for the guys from the last week's flying.


Early morning



Just after take-off from Grand Central airport at 7:00 am



Soccer City 2010 World Cup Stadium on Tuesday morning



Sandton - 2 kilometres from my home


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Rand airport, that's where you have R14 drinks isn't iit? I've been nmeaning to ask, how big are those drinks, because that's a piss and nothing; what I buy a bottle of coke for.


That's pretty much what we pay for drinks anywhere Jakobsen.

They are typically about 340ml.

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Well gents,


It is so good to see that 16AA has grown so well. It was to be expected!


I thought I'd just drop by and say hi.

I'll pop onto TS sometime soon to chat.


All the best.


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