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Op Arachnid II (05/03/2015)


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nice ones! Glad to see how much the arty actually does. It's a bit hard as an infantryman to see the bigger picture sometimes :D 


@Williams, who is the BMP to your right? Couse I was sitting in the one to your left when the right one got fuuuuuuuuucked up :o and you didn't even flinch :o 

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Haha, that was the FST vehicle. When it got hit, it blew out our tracks - after attempting to get the rusty can moving again, Scarle yelled at me that Ellis had been injured and wasn't responding. In my usual heroic way (lol) I jumped out to try and drag him out of the vehicle, but I assume he must have just got out himself because he didn't come up in the vehicle interaction. As I moved round the back of the vehicle I actually realized the FST vehicle had been blown up (I thought we had taken the hit at first), and was confronted with a burning wreckage. It promptly decided to blow a fireball in my face and alas, I was no more. 


Was a good mission though, eventually I got picked up by the CSM and spent the next half hour as his driver, ferrying supplies and people back and forth. That was pretty fun.

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