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Home Rotation (08/04/15)


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I think one of the lads from FSG got a bit of video - we'll post it up here if/when it does get uploaded! But it looked awesome from our end especially when we had all three methods of support going at the same time smashing up different targets. What did you Infantry guys think of the whole thing?

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Impressive and looking forward to seeing that level of organisation in the field, hopefully a lot faster as we won't survive that long if we need ECAS etc.



We deliberately slowed the processes down last night. Firstly so as to demonstrate each bit as clearly as we could so you all got as much of an insight as possible into how the support roles are working these days (In reality it is a lot faster and nearly all you saw happening would, more or less, be happening at the same time).


And also it was to avoid bombarding you all with multiple nets transmitting at the same time and you guys hearing a wall of noise and missing out on what was happening. 


We would have liked to have done more for you all, but time and ArmA-isms were against us. Maybe next time. We'll include more big bangs for sure :D .

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