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In-Theater Training (19/04/2015)


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Yeah it's a technique we call 'Talking Machine-Guns', it does put a large amount of fire down and because their SF role weapons there's no recoil! What we'll usually try and do is use the machine guns to fix an enemy in position, then use a Javelin to destroy them, you'll probably see that technique used on the next campaign! We've even managed to get the missiles through windows which is pretty devastating to say the least.


One thing I forgot to say in the 1 platoon debrief actually is if you guys get a building where there's 2 or 3 blokes at windows giving it big licks and totally suppressing you, instead of spending a minute or so bringing heavy machine guns to bear and destroying them that way, we can always fire a javelin in to the front of the building and bring the whole front collapsing down, letting you lot fire straight into it! ROE will probably restrict this though haha, but there's lots on offer to support you clearing through a town, machine guns is only the start!

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