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Op CERBERUS VII (the actual Op VII)


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The other gallery thread is supposed to be for CERBERUS VI, this is from VII, the op last night.


Here's our reaction to that helicopter going down. Just after this, we moved further along the ridge, got eyes-on the crash sight and began to pick off the Takiban that were approaching this position. Shortly afterwards we ran into Hicks bleeding out on the floor, and I promptly picked him up and ran back through a hail of invisible bullets, fighting dinosaurs and dragons on my way. Where's my medal...





This one serves as a warning to the enemy, we know you're out there, your days are numbered...



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Nice one Vella! Wasn't sure how big the explosion was that offed me, but it was quiet the blast huh...?



Yeah was quite a big explosion! It caught me off by surprise. Was a great op loved it.

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So, first of all, my footage (with a few Orr-moments combined).


Lots of action this time round (and yes, with thermal; I was the only person assigned with one) including chapters titled:

  • Balls of Steel Liberts - clearing dangerzones while carrying T1s.
  • Safety of a friendly compound - BOOM! Anybody still up?
  • We've got friendlies behind this hill, right? RPG!
  • He landed it, minus a few trees.



And secondly, Plt Off Orr full footage shortened. This is roughly three main chapters:

  • Ugly 5-1
  • Reinserts with Giant
  • Escape and Evade

Bonus piece: "Are you happy to see me or boom?"


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