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Positively flighty


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Was going through some of my old screenies last night and hit upon an idea to do something positive for our flight element by having you guys dig out the images which show flight at it's best. 


Some old ones in here (and a few of the evil third person perspective) 












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Haven't got many. Trouble is, without 3rd person, I've rarely come across a point where I can take a good shot of flight, from a good angle. And when I have, hitting F12 has been the last thing on my mind haha! But here's what I've got, editted.







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Prefer Arma 3 personally.. so much more potential for modding and stuff with FFV and AFM etc. You've actually got headgear, vests, backpacks etc, the movements more fluid, more stances, bigger maps etc.. I think it's a far superior game.. and it's still being tweaked. The driving on A2 absolutely sucked.


I think it looks better as well with the volumetric clouds and lighting etc..


Not particularly a fan of re downloading it for a campaign.

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Managed to dig up an old video on Youtube i thought got deleted long ago, back when i was in flight.





PS: Sorry about the absurd use of third person, we were low on flight staff and didn't have anyone to guide me in on landings.

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