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A few pictures from my 4 years in 16AA...

Pte Morris

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As I've been dedicating most of my Wednesday and Sunday evenings to 16AA over the last 4 and a half years, I thought I'd upload a few pictures I've taken since May 2011. I can't really remember which campaigns some of the older pictures are from! Interesting to see how much the kit has changed/improved over the years.. I quite miss woodland DPM and the Griffin!


























































































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This is brilliant Morris!!


I actually remember the snaps of the Jav firing and the mortar on the range as if it were yesterday. 


The I44 pics make me a little sad though as I at least have really missed some Coy scale action in that (do i hear Xmas special 2015 :P)

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The I44 pics make me a little sad though as I at least have really missed some Coy scale action in that (do i hear Xmas special 2015 :P)

I wholeheartedly agree.... If you'd care to gather a few people together to look at the MP viability of A3 WWII options then I'd be all ears over Christmas..... Iron Front (and Iron Front Lite) have looked promising in the past....

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I say we do a TvT. But not like we normally do where we get a single section's worth of Blufor vs a crap tonne of Opfor.

Let's get together a 40vs40. A Platoon + Support vs a Platoon + Support.

Each with their own objectives, their own TacHQ giving orders, treat it as a normal OP but with actual people as the enemy.

Now, not saying 1P vs 2P, as that'd bring too much animosity perhaps, but put a vote up as to who wants to be on who's side, organise sections and support from that - a real test of J3 Ability ;)

That'd be quite fun. We could do it in any scenario. Modern day, Vietnam, Russia vs China etc

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I agree with Mokler! Sometimes a good bit of PvP does make for some intense situations and moments of laughter!
But definitely randomise the teams so it's not 1Pl vs 2Pl

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Randomize the teams? Why break up sections and plts that work? Im also extremely against tvt as it more often then not turn into battlefield. We might as well play on a public server for that.

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TvT can be fun.. but it's quite easy for it to become a chaotic, uncontrollable free for all.. which some might find enjoyable but personally I prefer something a bit more structured!




I think something like paintball could work really well with TvT.. If it was quite heavily scripted and structured then I think it would be very enjoyable.


So I'm thinking:


  • if you get shot.. so many times or whatever then it'll teleport you to some death zone or something..
  • maybe a few different COD style gamemodes.. capture the flag, domination, headquarters etc
  • Shorter games in smaller areas.. Perhaps splitting the unit up and having a couple games going on at the same time? then maybe a larger game afterwards
  • Actual pop ups saying 'Team A has won'.. 'Team B has captured the headquarters'.. just so there's no debate as to who's actually won.. and when endex should be called etc
  • Maybe like a virtual trophy for the winning team/section etc.. get a little bit of friendly rivalry going!


You could probably make some really nice, detailed looking mini battlefields with these buildings and objects..





Just get a fairly simple, FPS friendly map and build your own paintball areas


Basically I'm a massive fan of doing something like this! I might even host a little paintball night myself soon.. if there's interest. I'd probably try make a few completely different scenarios.. so maybe a construction site, an airport, a farm in a forest and just have quick fire games to keep it interesting.

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Well the idea would be that it wouldn't become an uncontrollable free for all. As I said, each team has its own sections, Section Commanders have their Sgts and they have their Lts. Each team eould get their own OPORD amd Ogroups, and would be treated as essensially a standard OP, but with human enemies rather than AI ones

(Excuse the shoddy spelling, on phone.)

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The competitiveness sometimes makes people go apeshit, but tbh I'd find TvTs extremely interesting since AI never does anything even remotely similar to battle drills. 

Other than that, great pics Morris! Sentimentality aside, we've done buck loads of awesome stuff over the years. 

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TvT, in my experience, mixes rather poorly with complex milsim scenarios, although to a certain degree that does seem to be a matter of taste. In my opinion the most successful TvT we ever did in the 16AA was in I44: Simple, straight up firefight scenario, ample and uncomplicated respawns and equipment that limited the viability of annoying playstyles. It was cinematic, kinetic, fun and never felt unfair. It's not as serious as some of the stuff we do, but it was a nice change of pace.


That kind of "freeforall" is in my opinion lots better than trying to tightly control complex milsim TvT scenarios, as trying to do the latter builds expectations for those who love the idea of that, and when the effort inevitably falters as it meets 70+ individuals with their own unpredictable motivations resentment is too often the result for at least one of the sides involved.


By the way, great pictures Morris, even if they killed many of us I really miss those ArmA II trenches :P

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