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Deployment Video AEGIS


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So following GLASSHOUSE I did a Cruise Video from the point of view of VFA-103 "Jolly Rogers". I intend to do another one for AEGIS, although from the perspective of FST this time around of course. Hopefully a lot of comms and nice fire supports going in. I already have a list of songs in mind, but I'm always open for suggestions. ;)


Anyhow, first cut of the first part covering HR so far is done! The song is "Cobrastyle" by Teddybears. Enjoy.




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Thank you everyone! Are the longer clips working or does it slow the pace to much?


This next one might be a bit rough for you non-metalheads out there. I am particularly interested about wether or not the crappy frame rate in some of the clips mess it up to much or if it works anyway. Also, there is a clip towards the end with a map screen and some comms - I am afraid that the comms doesn't come through and it feels a bit placeholdery. Can bump up the sound or switch clip, but I want the comms. Do please tell me your preferences.


Without further ado, part 4 - "Battle Ready" by Otep:



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So, here is the finished result. The entire ensemble put together, so to speak, including final tribute. Sadly, since the music is of much copyrights I can't control the advertising (it's how Youtube pays the IP owners).


I know the campaign is not technically over yet, but with all the other awesome video projects in the making I thought I'd get this done with to clear the stage for those. Also I am waaaay past the point where my constant tinkering with the editing actually adds anything. Massive amounts of creative-"will it be good enough"-angst tied up in this anyhow, so there you go.


It comes out at almost 20 minutes, so if you don't want to watch it all in one go (which you should at some point) the transition to the final tribute piece (that has not been shown before) starts at 16:00.


I ramble. I shall stop. This one is for all you guys.


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