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L/Cpl Hughes nails a Hind with a salvaged Javelin. "I'll make a sign, in Russian, that says 'Don't bring Hinds near me, I'm a very dangerous man.'"






Me and Pte Kalinsky rescue an abandoned WMIK, set up on ridgeline, phase line 3. Feat. Pettersson doing some impressive Pinpoint arty calls.

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Not tu burst your happyness bubble... but the javelin we use would be easely counter-measured by Hinds... it's just an armarism that we can instadown a chopper with these things :( 

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I'd consider it an 'armarism' that we don't have Starstreak and Rapiers covering the AO. We're fighting Russians for goodness sake! Starstreak is immune from countermeasures (not sure about rapier), so I wouldn't say it is too OP to engage slow moving choppers with Javelin from time to time. Realistically, we really should have an AA weapon that is immune to countermeasures.


Maybe if Grey spent as much time working on one as he does on taking hubcaps then we'd have one  :D

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