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AEGIS - Mashup Trailer


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*** Epilepsy Warning ***



Experimenting with different styles of editing; lot's of inspiration from everyone getting involved with video creation!


This has a bit of BluFor and a bit of OpFor mashed up together to make something different. This has Operations 1-4 of Aegis and is something I've been working on for the last week or so.

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Great trailer - I'll tweet this as well unless someone beats me to it!


Let me know when it is up!


haha that was me   :D no idea what the fuck happened


Likely you stepped onto a broken *something* and the clipping went awry. 

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Mate that was epic. Brilliant work. Keep em coming. 


Would I be wrong in assuming that at 2.38, those shots were the ones that caused the massive blue on blue?


Something for us all to watch out for. Not much point in being in a position you cant see out of. 

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