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16AA Fun Nights // Liberation Server

A Pedersen

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  • 4 weeks later...

Been having so much fun on Fletchers server with Pedersen, Telford and Karlsson lately. I think we play like every day almost. :P

Having something like it on the main server could be good, but as it is I can only thank Fletcher so much for tens of hours of fun thus far.

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That's a shame, it can be a lot of fun. It does require a certain type of play; It's not fun if you go all rambo/BF3 or just sit on a hill and snipe all day, but you cannot quite stick perfectly to all of our regular drills either, the AI will simply kill you instantly because of their insane marksmanship and superior numbers. Finding a nice balance like demonstrated in this video works best. FIBUA is paradoxically kind of easier than fighting out in the open, although the enemy is a lot more dynamic and aggressive then they were in the ArmA 2 days.


Also, you can easily play yourself into a corner if you don't take prisoners and gather intelligence points to do secondary objectives that keep the enemy reinforcements/counter-attacks down. Failing to stay on top of that will see you getting owned by constant enemy attack choppers and other stuff. With a small team some of the late-game objectives are kind of out of reach, but we simply reset at that point.

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Time to get back to getting together the last Perseus and the Heracles up and out. 

Damn you scatter brain. 


Great fun with quite a few 16AA members that kept creeping on as we got trough the city.

Seems to get more and more people joining us so that's cool. The more people the more fun it is ofcourse. 

Even though I manage to end up "soloing" quite a bit. To used to good old Rainbow Six terrorist hunt god damnit. 


Should be full HD by time people wake up.


Time to get back to

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