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That moment when your carefully laid plans start to unravel. 


Murphy's Law of Armed Conflict states that "Your UAV operator will lose control of the vehicle at precisely the moment it will fall on the target building you are covertly approaching, ruining your covert approach"


Perhaps it should be SOP for our UAV's not to hover directly over their targets in case the operators lose control of them. The Darter caused the building in the center of the compound to get flattened which woke everyone in the fort up




Then to make matters worse, in our haste to get in there to get the job done, this happened. 



More to follow

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I can confirm i was having quite a bad night (as you can see in the text chat) and the comment after you suggested what to do with 5-1 was not a reaction to that exact suggestion!  ;)


I do quite enjoy hearing my reactions to things happening though....

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