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Liberation 01.2 - Altis has been Liberated!


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Would love the same thing on a different map. And if there ever was an RHS (instead of CSAT) verison, it would help with the damage values.


Regardless, can't wait.


Have the Russians been fixed in RHS? From what I remember they would not die unless you shot them in the face with a whole mag of 7.62.

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Do you have any individual stats at all Fletcher? 

Also Thanks for hosting its given my life purpose for nearly 49 days :D
Can't wait for the next 49.

I was wondering If someones holding the record for time beaten anywhere?

Telford apparently it uses RHS... only for kalashnikovs though: 


Recommended (optional) mods

ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus - Start on a badass carrier full of freedom and democracy.

RHS - More gear, more vehicles, militia gets vintage kalashnikovs.

Leights Opfor Pack - Militia gets more vehicles to choose from.

TRYK Multi-Play Uniforms - Customise your soldier to the extreme and beyond.

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I don't have the stats for each person as there were times when i reset but saves the mission data, 


The server is back up and running and you will need version 1.6 bornholm map and not load kunduz to join

RHS enemy (hopfully) are the enemy

added lots of new RHS and CUP vehicles

added more base building options

added UK gear to purchase like land rovers, ridgbacks, and jackels etc. 

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