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Here, have some 21:9 goodness, although most are cut a bit on both sides due to annoying ace goggles making the corners look like shit, and my settings were way the fuck off on recording today so low details for whatever reason, but you get the general idea of it. 

Fucking love my new Samsung 34" Curved 21:9 3440x1440 Monitor. Feels good son. FOV for days.

This and Track IR really made all the diffrence, feels like a fully new game. Finally getting close to my real FOV, minus like 20-30* 

Getting past that would require basically HTC Vive or the like, but that's another beast all together. 


Just right click and open image in new tab if want the full resolution. Get ready to scroll abit though  :lol:


You're in my house now,son.



Ready to storm over the hill and into last city of the night.




Don't bring a rifle to a rocket launcher fight. 




Keeping watch over some unhappy campers in the last city while 1/1 keeps clearing. 


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Stunkel (Left) Weston (Right) In quiet preparation for the nights op. duogzEj.jpg


Apologies that it isn't the best quality. To make up for it here is a short video from later in the op.


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