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WARNO Operation JUNO XIV 111900ZSEP16


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  1. 1. Will you attend Operation JUNO XIV at 1900Z on Sunday 11 September 2016?

    • Yes, I will attend.
    • Maybe, and I have PM'd my IC to say why.
    • No, and I have posted an LOA.

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Company orders incoming comrade...



A Coy will take the role of a Russian Federation mechanised naval infantry Coy.



All section ICs to read and digest the Russian Squad organisation, note Squad level TTPs and assign roles accordingly:








операция Юнона

/////////начинается сообщение///////




дружественные силы



  • Brigade artillery has deployed behind B Company’s first wave and by the time you get ashore they will be ready to provide fires.
  • HQ will deploy an observer team onto OP1 to manage the battlespace.
  • Brigade armoured Company have deployed 2 x T90A ashore with mobile AAA vehicles deployed to cover the landing beaches.
  • Brigade aviation have a number of Mi-24 available for CAS and other duties.
  • 43rd Naval Air Squadron are fully deployed and available for tasking.
  • B Company have spearheaded the assault and are now sweeping around the eastern side of the bay to protect your right flank.

вражеские силы


US and UK forces have defeated the rebellion on the island of Sahrani. However they have used the rebellion as an excuse to pursue their imperialist ways on Northern Sahrani and have invaded the Northern part of the island despite being unsupported by the UN.

Currently on the island are the USMC’s 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, a brigade sized force, mostly bottled up fighting our allies in the mountains on the east of the island and the British 16th Air Assault Brigade, the UK’s rapid reaction force. This is mostly light infantry troops with some helicopter support.

16AA Bde has recently carried out an attack in the south which relieved pressure on the Americans enough that they have been able to break out a small element which has advanced on Bagango, the island’s northern capital and our strategic objective. We believe this vangard force consists of a USMC rifle company with a small number of tanks in support.


We also believe there to be a marine reconnaisance force, probably infantry and light vehicles in the vicinity of Obj Xray and Obj Whisky.



  • Vladivostok - GR 150245
  • Moskva - GR 149252
  • Beach Alpha - GR 171235
  • Beach Bravo - GR 161234
  • Obj Xray - GR 163207
  • Obj Whisky - GR 169203
  • Obj Yankee - GR 187179
  • HLS Slava - GR 192204
  • OP1 - GR 192202 approx


You are to advance and attempt to catch the advancing US force in it’s flank and destroy or drive it off. Once that is completed you are to retake the city of Bagango and defend it against further US aggression.




I order you, Major Emmetko, to:


1) Land your command using amphibious assault on BEACH ALPHA and BRAVO then move inland.


2) You are to prioritise your attack on Obj Yankee and only to deploy your forces onto Obj XRAY and WHISKY if you take significant contact. Otherwise you are to bypass them.


3) You will destroy any enemy forces advancing on Bagango.


4) You will liberate the city of Bagango from US forces and prepare defences against further attacks.


5) You will hold until relieved.



Edited by Maj Emmet

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A Coy HQ Attendance

Yes - 2

Maj Emmet

Capt Ellis

Early bird voting score: -2 points

1 Platoon HQ Attendance

Yes - 2

2Lt Millar

Sgt Weston

Early bird voting score: +18 points

1/1 Section Attendance

Yes - 11

Cpl Hughes

LCpl Calahan

Pte Silbot

Pte Johnsen

Pte Telford

Pte Kalinsky

Pte Thomsen

Pte Verreck

Pte Stunkel

Rec Booth

Rec Coupe

Early bird voting score: -5 points

1/2 Section Attendance

Yes - 7

Cpl Taylor

A/LCpl Jensen

Pte Howard

Pte Juul

Pte Haagenrud

Pte Fuente

Pte Batchelor


Not yet voted - 1

Pte Nicholls

Early bird voting score: -22 points

1/3 Section Attendance

Yes - 6

A/LCpl Coxson

Pte Oliver

Pte Scott

Rec van der Merwe

Pte Flip

Rec Riley


Maybe - 1

Cpl MacDonald


LOA - 2

Pte Bowler

Pte Sullivan


Not yet voted - 1

Rec Wiese

Early bird voting score: +15 points

2 Platoon HQ Attendance

Yes - 1

2Lt Smith

Early bird voting score: +44 points

2/1 Section Attendance

Yes - 5

A/LCpl Tebbs

Pte Hendrickx

Rec Popa

Pte van Hemert

Pte Dante


Maybe - 1

Cpl Ainsley


Not yet voted - 1

Rec Helsby

Early bird voting score: -7 points

2/2 Section Attendance

Yes - 6

A/LCpl van Hilten

Pte Wideskog

Pte Leadbitter

Pte Ludlow

Pte Robinson

Pte Dennett


LOA - 1

Pte Hanslien

Early bird voting score: -2 points

2/3 Section Attendance

Yes - 4

Cpl Bracken

A/LCpl Lee

Pte Lynch

Rec Kesnar


Maybe - 3

Rec Peto

Pte Berntsen

Pte Crosby


Not yet voted - 1

Rec McGough

Early bird voting score: -28 points

Support HQ Attendance

Yes - 1

Capt Ellis

Early bird voting score: -8 points

FSG Attendance

Yes - 5

Cpl Scrivener

Pte Scarle

Pte Liberts

Pte Vella

Pte Joyce


Maybe - 2

LCpl Dahl

Pte Rabbit

Early bird voting score: +2 points

7RHA Attendance

Yes - 4

Bdr Jonsson

A/LBdr Richardson

Gnr Stevens N

Gnr Meadows


Maybe - 1

Gnr King


LOA - 1

Gnr Christoffer

Early bird voting score: +29 points

13AARS Attendance

Yes - 2

Pte McPherson

Pte Keeling

Early bird voting score: +8 points

16CSMR Attendance

Yes - 2

A/Cpl Kirwan

Pte Karlsson


Not yet voted - 1

Pte Clement

Early bird voting score: -27 points

JHC Attendance

Yes - 3

A/Flt Lt Fletcher

A/Fg Off Stevens

Plt Off Clayton


LOA - 2

Plt Off Jackson

Plt Off Goosen


Not yet voted - 1

Plt Off Pettersson

Early bird voting score: -14 points

Reserves Attendance

DISTAFF Attendance

Yes - 5

Pte Knudsen

Pte Wilson

CSM Braddock

Pte Turnbull

Pte Boothroyd


Maybe - 1

Pte Dodge

Early bird voting score: -6 points

Voting statistics:

Yes: 66 (76%)

Maybe: 9 (10%)

No: 6 (7%)

Failed to vote: 6 (7%)

Total eligible: 87

Edited by A/LBdr Richardson

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