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Ephesus Vii


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I have Track IR 4 mate :)

Hopefully it's not to annoying to have bars top and bottom for People that dont have 21:9 monitors (not exactly the most used aspect :P)

The epic stuff is that it's supported by Youtube finally, so when you go fullscreen on a screen that is native it works properly. It used to Crop it to 16:9 regardless which really sucked.​


Kinda sucks that the 2D Scopes look so poop due to not supporting 21:9, but the 3d once are painfull to use with Track IR due to point of aim point of impact shifts so quickly as you have cm movements left right up etc.

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Yeah, 3D is a PITA. And using the LMG and trying to zoom in on a target, I very often find that reorienting myself in 3D makes me lose the target entirely, forcing me to go out of zoom again. It's essentially like having only one eye, and it's a bitch to work with since you can never have the natural wideview-zoomedview of left and right eyes. In fact I took the LDS off the LMG altogether on Wednesday, since 1) 3D was such an utter dick and scope was unnecessary within the FOB, and 2) it was blocking my vision something fierce.

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