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UPDATE A3: Modpack

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Our modpack has been updated; please update now.


The following changes have been made:




16AA folder - see gitlab wiki for info
Acre 2 to the latest release with lots of fixes
Ace3 - Bug fix


Iraqi mods


Update Size:
less than 500mb


Note: Don't forget to defrag your system afterwards (unless you have an SSD, where this isn't required)
Changes to mod-line - see latest operation voting thread.
Remember to update your ACRE plugin!


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For those who don't have Gitlab :P



  • Fixed 16AA units not spawning with NVG (Issue 145)
  • Improved Lod's on Jackal and Coyote
  • Updated Artillery crate looks
  • updated the shotgun to show a collapsible stock


  • Added Custom 16AA OPFOR (Issue 166)
  • Added Custom 16aa Civ units
  • Added Armour Hi vis vest
  • Added RHA version
  • Added BFA L115a sniper rifle
  • Added extra large bergen


  • Remove Old high vis vest
  • Removed allinone162 file

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