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UPDATE A3: Modpack

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Our modpack has been updated; please update now.


None of these update effect the WWII campaign mods and will not be required until after Sunday giving more time to download them


The following changes have been made:


@Seleucus - continuation of the before xmas campaign


Cup - Units 1.8.1
Cup - Weapons 1.8.1
Cup - Vehicles 1.8.1
16aa mod pack change log available here were now on version 1.0.5


F16 - a temporary measure until we make a suitable fix to stop it crashing people out the server.
Bergen - MTP Medic B and Radio B as no being used.


Note: Don't forget to defrag your system afterwards (unless you have an SSD, where this isn't required)
Changes to mod-line - see latest operation voting thread.


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