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Same goes for me that OP, was in cardiac arrest for so long but still managed to survive with the help of my section and superb work from 16CSMR.

Your section saved your life then. We just kept you going till we got back to the FOB.


I think you arrested 4 times. The professionalism of CSMR and of the section CMTS is incredible. It's what makes my nights so good.


We hate it just as much as you when you P4.


16AA is probably one of the only units which does utilise ace medical on its hardest settings with a full long casevac chain.


Well done Leads and Karlsson great work.

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I dont mind getting really wounded during OPs, because 16csmr are good. I do mind instant P4ing, because I feel like I rob them of a job (and me of the awesome experience)

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