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Pte Morris

UPDATE A3: Modpack

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Our modpack has been updated; please update now.
The following changes have been made:






@16AA -



  • C-130J
  • Griffin helicopters
  • New paradrop system
  • T-10 Parachutes
  • New trenches (no more sandcastles!)
  • Vehicle in vehicle function to Wolfhound TSV (can now transport 1x ATV.. just about)
  • Bergen to section crates
  • Muzzle flashes to blank firing weapons
  • Bolt action hand animation for L115A3
  • Dirty RAF Regiment uniforms.. (I saw one outside the wire!)
  • 100 round gpmg belts
  • IR Illumination shells for the 81mm mortar and 105mm light gun (flares you can only see with NVGs)
  • Extra LODs on weapons (possibly slight performance gain)
  • Extra LODs on some attachments (possibly slight performance gain)
  • Optimised LODs on static weapons (possibly slight performance gain)
  • Sound improvements for several weapons.
  • Model adjustments to '16AA signs'
  • New backpack texture for the MTP carryall and medical carryall
  • All 16AA weapons now use RHS weapon 'tails' (should sound better from distance)
  • All 16AA weapons now have different sounds for different ranges/environments etc (instead of one sound just getting quieter).
  • All 16AA weapons now use RHS barrel heat/smoke/shell case ejection effects (they look perdy!)
  • Tracer round ratio is now 1 in 5 instead of 1 every 3 rounds
  • Fixed MAN truck geometry (no more walking through the truck etc)
  • Fixed wobbly MAN truck wheels
  • Reduced section count on MAN trucks (increased performance)
  • Improved MAN truck interior (still not great, but you can just about look it at without getting cancer now)
  • Adjusted GPMG position on the Wolfhound (no more clipping with the turret)
  • Adjusted 81mm mortar gunner position
  • New L115A3 textures
  • Moved textures from static weapons to common folder (reducing modpack size).
  • Fixed Forklift wheels sometimes not turning (possibly)
  • Improved Forklift handling (no more flipping over)
  • Slight visual tweaks to Forklift
  • Fixed Forklift forks poking through the MAN truck cab when loaded onto flatbed
  • Reduced size of SATCOM antenna (still waiting on ACRE to enable the thing to work properly)
  • Made HLS Panels ACE compatible
  • Made deployable signs ACE compatible
  • Removed all traces of the mythical M6H mortar (saves about 1kb in modpack size!)
  • Ghillie suit uniform texture is dirty... because snipers crawl in the mud!
  • Added a 'mortar pit' (this can also be built with a shovel.. but obviously takes a while)
  • Visual improvements to Virtus kit (more on the way!)
  • Improved the effectiveness of illumination rounds
  • Possibly some other stuff...




  • Don't forget to defrag your system afterwards (unless you have an SSD, where this isn't required)
  • Report any issues here.

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