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Interesting pics of aircraft


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These are pics the some of the helos in the hangar where I fly from.

I hope you like them.



Hughes 600N




Bell 230 (Spent an hour and a half in her last week, very nice!)




Mate of mine is the pilot and owner of the company I fly for.

He's the ginger ninja on the left in the helo.




Bell 407 (very cool paint job! Changes colour as you walk around her.)




Bell 205 which is "new" to the fleet.




UH-1H (A special treat saved best for last!)

This is someone's personal toy which actually served in Vietnam.

She is perfectly operational and is in for service.




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Some more.

The guy that owns the blue Bell 230 above is also the person that owns this and is in fact the person in the cockpit.

He also owns an L39 jet, Bell 407 and a Bell 205 amongst others.


This is personally my favourite warbird!



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The repaints of the BO-105 I recently did for FSX.

They'll be available for download on the Hovercontrol forums soon.


The police helicopter is flown by a mate of mine Frans Haasbroek



And the medevac helo is flown now by one of my flight instructors, Albert Egger.


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