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[ST10] Operation Merkur [TvT 60+]

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Dear 16 Air Assault Brigade,


for our Event we are searching for an tough British Opponent. Thats why we kindly invite you to our WW2 TvT 60+ Event. It would be awesome to play with a Community from the UK, in this Scenario it would fit perfectly.


If you Guys are interested or have any Questions please feel free to contact me.


Thank you an Best Reagards


Lieutenant Commander Capio




Operation Merkur
When: 02.09.2017, 2000 Uhr (19:00pm GMT)
Where: ST10, Server #2, http://sealteam10.net/JustSync/st10_ww2.conf
JustSync :http://sealteam10.net/JustSync/JustSyncArmA.exe


Situation:  20. Mai 1941
The Island of Crete is a strategic important Point to save our Support-Routes in the Mediterranean.

Enemy: After the Invasion of Greece by the German Troops, we expect an following attack on Crete. How many and what kind of Enemy get shown to us is unkown at the moment. (Intelligence Informations will follow)

Own Situation: We are part of the British Troops that are ordered to defend The Island. We equipped with Lee Enfield Rifles, Sten SMGs and Bren / Vickers MGs. 
Information: The Commanding Officer is able to adjust the distribution of Troops, Vehicles and reinforced Positions.

Mission: Hold&Secure two important Position against the attacking Forces.

Slots (Distribution and Roles can be changed by the Commanding Officer!) :

#01 - Commanding Officer (Sten)
#02 - Radiochatter
#03 - Machinegunner (Vickers)
#04 - Asst. Machinegunner (Vickers)
#05 - Squadleader (Sten)
#06 - Rifleman
#07 - Rifleman
#08 - Rifleman
#09 - Sniper
#10 - Medic

#11 - Squadleader (Sten)
#12 - Radiochatter
#13 - Machinegunner (Vickers)
#14 -  Asst. Machinegunner (Vickers)
#15 - Rifleman
#16 - Teamleader
#17 - Rifleman
#18 - Rifleman
#19 - Machinegunner (Bren)
#20 - Medic

#21 - Squadleader (Sten)
#22 - Radiochatter
#23 - Machinegunner (Vickers)
#24 -  Asst. Machinegunner (Vickers)
#25 - Rifleman
#26 - Teamleader
#27 -  Rifleman
#28 - Rifleman
#29 - Machinegunner (Bren)
#30 - Medic

Technical Respawn: Yes
Technical Teleport: Yes
Join in Progress: Yes
One Life Mission
Instant Death: No
PrefTime: 240 Seconds

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Hello Capio,


Thanks for getting in contact, if you wouldn't mind giving us a little bit to just to work out whether or not it's feasible to attend, and if so the sort of numbers we can provide on the evening, we'll get back to you asap.

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Hello Bowler,


Thanks for your quick response. You dont need to hurry, i will wait till you figure that out.

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