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Pte Lath & Pte Mcpherson Gunfight (Callisto VII)


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This is the moment when 2/2 was pushing out of the town and myself and Pte Mcpherson pushed to a rockface. we then found ourself pinned down by gunfire and LMG fire. 

our decision was to push onto the enemy and eliminate the threat in order for 1Platoon to push through the position. 


little to our knowledge there was more than just one LMG gunner there was Max 10 enemy or even more!

we put the initial fire down on the position, I then put a L72 on their position and threw multiple grenades to disrupt them. 


I then got shot in the torso quickly bandaged up with Pte Meurs and carried on with the firefight.. 


with our reaction to the situation 1 Platoon was able to push forward and stop the enemy from digging in and putting effective fire down.



props to Pte mcpherson for recording!

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