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Training Rotation - 18JUN2011+


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Training 19-06-2011



Good stuff. Just one thing. You clicked on "Jump Out" at the same time as you called "7 Out". First call it (inside Condor) and then click it. Otherwise ACRE cuts it. That note regards to all of you.



19JUN2011 - FIBUA & Parachute Course































Note to HQ/mission makers. Can we get rid off section leader markers. These still appear during para jumps [click - raw picture].

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@Rafalsky: any chance you could upload some of your videos to vimeo in future? We're going to include links to videos on the front page (as you have probably noticed already) and it would be great to have yours up there. The only reason they're not at the moment is that YouTube videos stuck out like a sore thumb on the front page. Vimeo on the other hand looks nice and slick. I know you have a YouTube channel so maybe you could upload to both?


I think from memory there is a 500MB weekly upload limit on vimeo but that should be enough for a decent length video.

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Right then, who is the numpty that had to lean and ruin the shot? :P


Sorry but I don't know what are you talking about. Take a look again on that picture.




@Jako, do you want me to fix that picture too? :P

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Do you suggest to do some shoooop magic? :P


Seriously it's quite sad that we have not so great % of attendance. At the moment we have 28 members in both sections and we still have problems to get two full squads.

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