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- Onward

It's arma-lite in VR.

- House of the Dying Sun

Single player space dogfighter. Pretty arcadey, but the most fun I've had in a space game since TIE Fighter. Probably my favourite game.

- Audioshield

I always have a shit eating grin playing this. The beats often don't match the music brilliantly, but I haven't found myself caring.

- Vanishing Realms

YMMV, but this was one of the first VR games I played, and it really felt like I was exploring a place. I haven't felt compelled to return to it since completing it, though, so maybe it is isn't that brilliant.


Disrecommends: Fallout 4. Performance is really bad, minimal effort put into making sure it works (many gun sights are useless, etc). Scale of the world is off: people are small, have tiny heads, rest of world is huge. Bad acting/animations really jar in VR, it feels a bit like I'm watching a school play.

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