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TO: A Company, 4th Battalion, 1 Special Forces Group


I. Prelims


Tanoa is the Northern administrive division of the South Pacific nation of the Horizon Islands. The Tanoa division is made up of five larger islands and up to twenty smaller islands. The Tanoan islands are mainly made up of a mountainous deep jungle terrain with several large towns and villages spread through the islands, as well as smaller plantations and logging facilites. The Tanoan islands also feature a deep water industrial port in the North East of the main island and several airstrips.

Blue Squadron is operating out of the Tuvanka airbase, on the North Western most island.

OBJ 1 is a small training camp located in the small settlement of Galili. The training camp is surrounded by dense jungle and moderately sized mountains. It is North East of the regional capital of Georgetown.

OBJ 2 is a drug plantation in a valley surrounded by dense jungle and high mountains. To its south are the villages of Oumere and Kotomo and the Harcourt Strait.

OBJ 3 is divided between two seperate compounds in the town ofYanukka. OBJ 3 is believed to be where BLOWPIPE lives for most of the year and the centre of his operations. To the West of Yanukka is the Bala airstrip which is owned by BLOWPIPE.


Mostly Clear, High Visibility, 10% chance of rain, Temp 26°C.
Local time is 0300 at opeation start.
First li
ght is 0600L.

Task Org
Alpha Troop - Viking One
Team 1 - Viking One-One
Team 2 - Viking One-Two
Team 3 - Viking One-Three
Sniper teams, - Viking Four-One 
Combat Control Team, 24th STS - Voodoo Seven
160th SOAR Detachment

II. Situation



Enemy Forces

Enemy Strength - Estimated between 60-80 loyal to BLOWPIPE spread over entirety of Tanoan islands with additional GREENFOR and CIVPOP used as informants and spotters. Further 10-15 OPFOR loyal to MANDRAKE.
Morale - Good. Having paid off local GREENFOR elements OPFOR forces opperate with immunity from legal repercussions from their smuggling.
Small Arms - Mix of Eastern Bloc and Western small arms.
Heavy Weapons - High/Moderate posibility of emplaced heavy weapons, especially on OBJ *1*.
Vehicles - SUVs, offroad 4x4s, motorbikes, quad bikes. OPFOR also operate moderate number of boats for movement between islands.
Aircraft - BLOWPIPE has hired 1x Cessna TTX to transport him from Papua New Guinea to Aeroport de Tanoa. Aircraft is unarmed and seats four.
Air threat - Small arms, HMGs and RPGs.
Mine Threat - Minimal/None. OPFOR feel at home in these areas and are not expecting attack.

Friendly Forces
Bravo Troop, Blue Squadron, NSWDG. Tuvanka Airbase.
Charlie Troop, Blue Squadron, NSWDG. Tuvanka Airbase.
1st Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) - AH-6 Little Birds, MH-6 Little Birds, MH-60 Black Hawks - Tuvanka Airbase.
VFA-2, CVW-17 - F/A-18F Super Hornet - USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) - South West of Horizon Islands.
AFO Echo - 20x Personel divided into 1x Headquarters Team and 3x recce teams - Made up of personel from NSWDG and MSA.

1 Up Mission
Conduct direct action strikes on OBJ 1, OBJ 2 and OBJ 3 to kill/capture HVTs.

1 Up Concept of OPs     
Squadron Commanders intent is to conduct strike on three known OPFOR compounds (OBJ1, OBJ2, OBJ3) in order to kill/capture HVTs BLOWPIPE and MANDRAKE who are thought to be meeting eachother at one of these three areas. Strike operations will be conducted under the cover of darkness to maintain stealth and prevent OPFOR from being forewarned about BLUFOR operations. Each troop will land out of audible range of their designated objective and patrol in. Once all strike elements are in position and have made positive ID on HVTs assault will begin.

Alpha Troop will land at LZ 1 and patrol to FUP 1 before conducting close reconnaissance on OBJ 1 followed by assault.
Bravo Troop will land at LZ 2 and patrol to FUP 2 before conducting close reconnaissance on OBJ 2 followed by assault.
Charlie Troop will land at LZ 3 and patrol to FUP 3 before conducting close reconnaissance on OBJ 3 followed by assault.

III. Mission

To conduct strike operation on OBJ 1 to kill/capture HVTs BLOWPIPE and MANDRAKE.

Phase 1

Alpha Troop will land by helis on LZ FREYA GR 07591257.

OC 160 SOAR detachment to provide 1 x airframe for ISTARS

MC130 to be available for SOT-A ECM tasking. CEI as per previous briefing. 


Phase 2

Viking One will move to their FUP and begin CTR to develop attack plan. 


Phase 3

ECM tasking begins. 

Viking One will brief their attack plan and carry out high speed assault through the target. 

160 SOAR on 5 mins NTM for egress pickup. 


Phase 4

Once OBJ secure and HVTs have either been killed or captured we will egress the AO through LZ ANNA GR 07521206



i. Dress: AO2 Camo Pattern/Multicam Camo Pattern
ii. Equipment: Assault equipment at Troop commanders discretion.
iii. Weapons: HK416/HK417/M249.
iv. Ammo: Ammo stores availble at Tuvanka Air Base.
v. Meds/CMT: Report to Viking 4-4.
vi. POW & Detainees: Report to Viking 4-4 for transport back to Tuvanka Air Base.

III. Command and Signal

i. Command: Maj Millar (Viking Actual), Sgt Silbot (Viking One).
ii. Signals: 148/117 Channels as per CEI.
iii. Challenge/Response: Charlie-Oscar/Lima-Delta.
iv. R&U: All element ICs


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